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My favorite Thanksgiving video! The plan is to drink a bottle and a half of pinot and then decide what's for dinner.
Will the yarn spit/spice?


(Yeah, ya got me...)
Sorry about your mitten.
And I love Tante Marie!

Cheryl S.

I was one of the 'rip' votes.

Frankly, I wasn't quite sure from the photo what the problem was, but if you were questioning it enough to put up a survey, then you clearly weren't happy with it.

If I can rip out entire sweater bodies because I wasn't happy with them, you can do a thumb. No matter how fussy.

I saw that video last year and nearly peed my panties.

Melissa G

Thank you. I'm forwarding to my sister.

Peg in Kensington, California

Wonderful video, but I actually love turkey. We use the high heat method of about 15 years ago in the NY Times. But you don't get stuffing in the turkey which I LOVE. In Ohio for Thanksgiving this year, so who knows.

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