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Teresa C

ACK! Those things give me a headache! I couldn't get rid of all of the pink dots and saw the green one as soon as the link came up. Strange.

I ran in the snow today. Wet and yucky, but there is something about running in snowy weather that gives the feeling of super New Englander toughness. Or insanity, depends on the day. No grilling here, I'm hoping hubby suggests something. I can't because I have been on a cleaning rant and nobody really wants to come into the same room with me for fear of getting a chore they don't want to do. Maybe I'll just take my knitting and myself out! :)


Okay. I have a headache now.

Yumm. Steak. Even snowy steak sounds so good.


Yeah, my deck looks a lot like yours. Yuck!


So how is it that we didn't get any of that in Maine? Not that I'm saying I want it yet.


So how'd that grilling work out, eh?


My husband often grills in winter; a little snow won't stop an inveterate griler.
I love how the brain works. Those test patches were one of my favorite in undergraduate.

lynne s of oz

You know, even though brains/eyes turn pink dots into their complementary colour, I don't think ANYTHING apart from a rather large heater is going to disappear that snow that quickly!


You are sleepy, very sleepy...he, he.
Hey~ it worked! It's may true but I'll bet all the snow didn't go away.


When I was a girl, my mom bought one of those Time/Life book series. Might have been science themed. Anyway, there was this experiment in one of the books where you stared at the center of an American Flag, which was done up in colors opposite of red white and blue. After you stared at it for a prescribed period, you were to look at a blank white piece of paper and you would see the flag in red white and blue.

Remember Magic Eyes? By the time I figured out how to do those, they were out of style. After I finally figured it out, I caught myself "Magic Eyeing" pictures in the newspaper, magazines, mall posters. I know, how have I survived this long?

julia fc

Too cool. I will get major geek points for showing the husband so he can pass it on to his audio lists: those guys eat that stuff for breakfast.
Snow yesterday: planted daffs today. Go figure. But then again, I've been known to put bulbs into the ground in December. Brrr.


the snow must have exhausted itself further south - no snow here!

If I had the means, I'd grill all year round; I hope your snowy deck offered a perfect northeastern ambience for your dinner party! (no out of towners who only brought short sleeves, I hope...)


Yeah, but that snow wasn't any pink dot, or green one for that matter. It came down hard. For those in the Kingdom, phone service has resumed partly, as of Sunday evening.. it went out last Tuesday night. Please, not winter, not yet.


Lovely your deck cover with snow! So different in Brazil, where I live! Interesting the link! Take a look in Optical Illusions, link: http://www.michaelbach.de/ot/
from Debby's Connections - link http://debtorby.typepad.com/connections/

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